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Why the Need of a Mediator?

Mediation is a voluntary binding process in which an impartial and neutral mediator helps the disputing parties arrive at a settlement. The mediator’s primary objective is to get the parties to work together to reach a mutually beneficial settlement. The process can be scheduled and completed in quick time, rather than prolonging it for weeks or months.

Backed by years of experience, Captain Menezes can help you reach an agreement by communicating with both parties in order to develop viable options for resolution. He is skilled in creating and establishing rapport between the parties involved towards the success of the process.

As the former President of the Kanara Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Captain Menezes has experience in successfully resolving a number of industrial and commercial disputes. He has also acted as a mediator in Salvage Matter between Salvor and Contractor, Kochi in 2019.

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